BigCo Studio: A class for students who are interested in building things that matter at big companies.

What is BigCo Studio?

In this class, students will learn how to successfully navigate the opportunities and challenges of a BigCo (Big Company) and build products in a complex environment at scale. Students will also learn about how business development, M&A, and other corporate activities complement, and sometimes compete with product teams to drive larger strategic initiatives forward in BigCos. Students will work in teams matched with a real-world opportunity and advisor from a BigCo. Teams will then build and pitch a working product in three sprints culminating in a final presentation and demo. The class will include lectures and prominent guest speakers from the industry. BigCo Studio is taught by two accomplished practitioners who have experience in a variety of companies and industries: Chad Dickerson, former CEO of Etsy, and Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product at Google.

Company Involvement

We are inviting select companies to apply to work with student teams in BigCo Studio. Companies involved in BigCo Studio must provide a Company Advisor at the C-suite, VP, or Director level who is a decision maker owns budgets and headcount and has to make lots of tradeoffs as a leader in their company.

BigCos that participate in BigCo Studio have the opportunity to connect with talented students to explore solutions to challenges that are relevant to their businesses or represent new focus areas they are looking to explore.

2020 BigCo Studio Practitioners

Chad Dickerson headshot

Chad Dickerson

Cornell Tech Fellow

Bradley Horowitz headshot

Bradley Horowitz

VP of Product at Google