Studio Faculty

Cornell Tech’s Studio experience is an essential part of your degree program, no matter which program you’re in. Every facet of the Studio program is led by teachers with extensive industry experience. And they frequently bring in designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors from their vast professional networks to act as guest speakers and advisors.

The Practice

Members of The Practice bring their product development and design experience to Cornell Tech and are responsible for educating students via team advising, lecturing and developing the Studio Practice.

Anna Avrekh


Hannah Donovan


Adam Katz


Chris Kurdziel


Heather Leopold


Chris Maliwat


Studio Team

Aaron Holiday

Managing Entrepreneurial Officer

Khoa Ma

Assistant Studio Director

Niti Parikh

Creative Lead, MakerLAB

blue Cornell Tech

Masters Programs

Our programs are driven by the project-based, cross-functional collaborations that define how the most innovative ideas and successful companies are brought into being.