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Data & Modeling

The Data & Modeling research group at Cornell Tech plays a leading role in developing and implementing the next generation of sophisticated decision-making models in a variety of areas including logistics, retail, marketing, biotech, finance, and healthcare. Working with a number of large tech companies and startups, our award-winning faculty design novel algorithms and apply advanced machine learning techniques to help enterprises automate critical industry processes.

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Research Labs & Initiatives

From fully-equipped robotics and fabrication labs to initiatives shaping global economic policy and social justice, our labs and initiatives prove what’s possible when world-renowned researchers can experiment freely.


Tanzeem Choudhury headshot

Tanzeem Choudhury

Roger and Joelle Burnell Professor in Integrated Health and Technology

Tanzeem Choudhury is a professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech in Information Sciences and a co-founder of HealthRhythms Inc. She currently serves as the Program Director for Jacobs Technion-Cornell Dual Master of Science Degrees with a Concentration in Health Tech.

Research focus: Develops mobile sensing systems for capturing, learning, and interpreting people’s context, activities and social networks


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Karan Girotra headshot

Karan Girotra

Charles H. Dyson Family Professor of Management chair

Karan Girotra, Professor of Operations, Technology and Information Management (OTIM), is the recipient of the Charles H. Dyson Family Professor of Management chair and a Professor at Cornell Tech and in the Johnson School at Cornell University.

Research focus: Business models in the areas of urban living, smart transportation and e-commerce


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Nathan Kallus headshot

Nathan Kallus

Associate Professor

Nathan is an Associate Professor in the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering and Cornell Tech at Cornell University.

Research focus: Data-driven decision making


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Huseyin Topaloglu headshot

Huseyin Topaloglu

Howard and Eleanor Morgan Professor

Huseyin Topaloglu is the Howard and Eleanor Morgan Professor at Cornell Tech and in the Operations Research and Information Engineering Department at Cornell University.

Research focus: Pricing, retail operations, logistics and supply chain management


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Research Highlight: Data Modeling at Cornell Tech

Cornell Tech researchers discuss how business decision-making can be aided by computational analysis and cutting edge algorithms.