Enlightening Conversations

This speaker series features guest practitioners for provocative, closed-door discussions with students. The guest practitioners are active entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, social entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, artists, VCs, lawyers, writers, ethicists, and other diverse leaders who are impacting society through their entrepreneurial efforts. Conversations in the Studio are each moderated by a select group of students that come prepared with questions and discussion topics. This is not a lecture: it’s a wake-up call.

Some of our past speakers:

Noam Bardin headshot

Noam Bardin

Former CEO at Waze, Former VP of Product at Google

Liza Landsman headshot

Liza Landsman

General Partner at NEA, Former President at

Marissa Mayer headshot

Marissa Mayer

Co-Founder of Sunshine, Former President & CEO at Yahoo!

Eric Schmidt headshot

Eric Schmidt

Former CEO & Chairman at Google & Alphabet

Denise Young Smith headshot

Denise Young Smith

VP of Worldwide Talent & Human Resources at Apple

Fred Wilson headshot

Fred Wilson

Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures

Omar Johnson headshot

Omar Johnson

Founder of ØPUS United, Former VP of Marketing at Apple

Niraj Shah headshot

Niraj Shah

CEO, Co-Founder, & Co-Chairman at Wayfair

Arianna Huffington headshot

Arianna Huffington

Former President & Editor-in-Chief at The Huffington Post

Jacqueline Novogratz headshot

Jacqueline Novogratz

Founder & CEO of Acumen

3 students giving a presentation

Masters Programs

Our programs are driven by the project-based, cross-functional collaborations that define how the most innovative ideas and successful companies are brought into being.