Disruptive technologies pose deep challenges at all levels of society. Used in the right ways, new tools can bring people together, make possible new forms of creativity, and banish scarcity. Used in the wrong ways, they can ruin lives and unleash massive destruction. Everything from individuals’ innermost thoughts to the future of the human species is at stake.

The Business, Law, and Policy group studies the interactions between technology and society, with a special focus on creating institutions to steer technologies along healthier paths. It’s our job to think about the ways that things can go wrong – so that they don’t. From drones to derivatives contracts, from search engines to startups, we study the consequences of the use and misuse of technology.

We put our ideas into action in three ways. First, we improve the designs of technologies by identifying changes that make harmful uses harder and beneficial uses easier. Second, we improve the deployment of technologies by optimizing the business and legal arrangements that bring them to market. And third, we improve the regulation of technologies by suggesting sensible rules for courts and regulators to adopt.