Aaron Gokaslan, PhD Student

Aaron Gokaslan, a prominent researcher and PhD student from Cornell Tech, has received the PyTorch Award for 2023. PyTorch’s codebase is a popular deep-learning framework, and the PyTorch Award for Excellence in Code Review is a recognition of Gokaslan’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards in AI technology.

“I am deeply honored to contribute to the PyTorch community and receive the PyTorch Award for Excellence in Code Review. Code review is a vital part of maintaining the quality and reliability of open-source software,” says Gokaslan. “This award reflects the collective efforts of the entire PyTorch community, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such dedicated and talented individuals. I look forward to continuing to ensure that PyTorch remains a trusted and robust platform for AI research and development.”

Gokaslan currently works with Volodymyr Kuleshov, Assistant Professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech and in the Computer Science Department at Cornell University, and is presently researching open and efficient generative models, specifically looking at how to bring the cost down of training and deploying. He also continues to work on using large language models on DNA sequences and biological data for science, drug discovery, and gene editing.

“The award presented by the PyTorch Foundation is a testament to Aaron’s contributions to the world of machine learning,” says Kuleshov. “Aaron has a significant impact on the PyTorch community, particularly in code review, which plays a critical role in advancing the field of artificial intelligence. His work and research are vital to the growth and strengthening of A.I. infrastructure.”