There are currently more tech jobs than workers to fill them, yet not just anyone is qualified to fill the gaps. The companies making an impact today and those that will shape the future need employees and founders with a sound education and an uncompromising vision for solving the problems of the world.

In an age saturated with digital technology, hiring for these positions may seem relatively straightforward. After all, they are the best paying jobs out there. But the truth is, we have failed to mobilize a critical segment of tomorrow’s tech pioneers: women.

Due to lack of access, awareness and encouragement, women are a considerable minority when it comes to both tech education and employment.

This disparity does more than impede women; it handicaps the entire tech industry. Innovation suffers when there is a lack of workforce diversity.

The reality is that we cannot win in the digital age if we leave half the team on the bench. Corporations cannot simply try to do a better job of selecting ‘diverse’ candidates from the pipeline – because the pipeline itself is too narrow and leaky.

We must commit to launching women on career paths of opportunity and influence.