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Crater is a revolution in local TV led by a new generation of creators. Armed with AI-powered video tools, anyone can create their own self-produced local TV shows and episodes through their mobile phone. The daily story challenges give aspiring creators opportunities to earn prizes, collaborate, and build a local following. Crater intends to be the future of local TV -- led by actual locals, made for mobile, powered by AI, with an emphasis on local topics.

2018 Startup Award Winner badge

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New York, NY



Team Members

Arpit Sheth

Co-founder & CEO

Master of Computer Science '18

Kirollos Morkos

Co-founder & CTO

Master of Computer Science '18

Marco White

Co-founder & CDO

Master of Computer Science '18

Vu Francois

Co-founder & CPO

Johnson Cornell Tech MBA '18

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Startup Studio

Crater Makes Telling Local News Stories Simple and Fun

Crater is a startup that makes it easy and fun for community members to create meaningful video stories about local issues. Imagine a group of high school seniors in your community is hosting a fundraiser for a neighborhood charity. The local paper interviewed them and you’ve shared the link on social media, but a brief […]